System Support...existing 3-wire systems

Touch-Plate was not the only low voltage company produced, although it was the first. Several other companies created their own low voltage system and most of them utilized 3 low voltage wires per switch/relay. Some of the common 3-wire systems are GE, Remcon, Bryant, Sierra, and Despar.

Although Touch-Plate uses only 2 low voltage wires per switch/relay, we have products that can be used in 3-wire applications.

  1. Replacing existing 3-wire switches only. If you wish to replace an existing switch location, any of our contact closure type switches would be compatible. However, because of the wire differences, two buttons will need to be used for each existing rocker switch being replaced. Instead of rocking back and forth for ON and OFF, two buttons will be used…one will control ON and the other will control OFF. For example, an existing 1 button 3-wire switch would need replaced by a 2 button Touch-Plate switch. An existing 2 button rocker would need replaced by a 4 button Touch-Plate switch. Our 3-Wire Switch Replacement Guide will help explain further.
  2. Replacing existing 3-wire relays/power supplies. Our replacement relays and power supplies are not compatible with existing 3-wire systems due to the wire variance. If an existing relay/transformer needs replaced, we can only help in two ways:
    1. Replacing one relay with our single relay power pack (ZNZ-RP). This option is only applicable for relays and control stations that are totally isolated from the rest of the system. The ZNZ-RP is not compatible with the existing 3-wire system, so if any common wires are shared across the system, it will not function properly. If the single relay pack is chosen, all existing 3-wire switches connected to it will also need replaced.
    2. Upgrading the entire system / converting to 2-wire (see bullet 3).
  3. Upgrading the system entirely. An existing 3-wire system can be upgraded to a Touch-Plate system by replacing all of the existing relays, transformers, and wall switches. The original wires will be reused. See the Upgrades section of our website for more information about system upgrades. The only difference when upgrading a 3-wire system is that ALL existing switches must be replaced at the time of the upgrade. The existing 3-wire switches are not compatible with a Touch-Plate 2-wire system. View our picture gallery of before and after upgrade photo’s.

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