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ZoneZ RP – Single Relay Pack

ZoneZ RP – Single Relay Pack




The ZoneZ Single Relay packs are the perfect solution for applications requiring a single relay mounted remotely. The ZoneZ Single Relay packs have a built-in transformer, making them stand-alone devices, not dependent on a system or relay panel in order to function. With an electronic relay, the latching sound of relay pack is extremely quieter than a mechanical relay.

Hotels and medical facilities are perfect applications for the ZoneZ Single Relay Packs as they are small enough to be mounted in the ceiling above each room or hospital bed. The single relay packs are also ideal for upgrades of existing Remcon or GE systems that have relays remotely installed.

Mounting Options:  Panel Mount and Nipple Mount

Primary Voltages: 120VAC
Relay Amperage: 20Amp

Additional information

Weight .65 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 4 in
Primary Voltage

Mounting Option



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