ZNZ DP – Single Dimmer Pack


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Product Documents

The ZoneZ Single Dimmer packs are the perfect solution for applications requiring a single dimmer mounted remotely. The ZoneZ Single Dimmer packs have a built-in transformer, making them stand-alone devices, not dependent on a system controller or a relay/dimmer panel in order to function.

Hotels and medical facilities are perfect applications for the ZoneZ Single Dimmer packs as they are small enough to be mounted in the ceiling above each room or hospital bed. The single dimmer packs are also ideal for upgrades of existing Touch-Plate, Remcon, or GE systems that have relays remotely installed. The ZoneZ Single Dimmer pack allows the option to add dimming control to an existing low voltage circuit without needing more wire. However, when adding this product to an existing system, the dimmer pack must be fully isolated from the rest of the system to avoid conflict in voltage.

The ZoneZ Single Dimmer pack can be used to dim LED bulbs and fixtures, provided the LED is forward phase. This dimmer pack is NOT compatible with LEDs that are reverse phase.

Mounting Options:  Nipple Mount

Maximum Ratings
• Incandescent Max Watts: 800W
• LED Max Watts: 450W

Primary Voltage: 120VAC


Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in


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