Ultra BACnet Digital Control Station


Complete Unit which Includes: Switch, Screws, & Cover Plate
Direct Replacement Part(s) for #: ULT1-1B-0L-BAC, ULTS1-0100A-BAC, UTL1-1B-1L-BAC, ULTS1-0101A-BAC, ULT1-2B-0L-BAC, ULTS1-0200A-BAC, UTL1-2B-2L-BAC, ULTS1-0202A-BAC, ULT1-3B-0L-BAC, ULTS1-0300A-BAC, UTL1-3B-3L-BAC, ULTS1-0303A-BAC, ULT1-4B-0L-BAC, ULTS1-0400A-BAC, UTL1-4B-4L-BAC, ULTS1-0404A-BAC, ULT1-5B-0L-BAC, ULTS1-0500A-BAC, UTL1-5B-5L-BAC, ULTS1-0505A-BAC, ULT1-6B-0L-BAC, ULTS1-0600A-BAC, UTL1-6B-6L-BAC, ULTS1-0606A-BAC


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Personalize the buttons of your Ultra Series Wall Switch by adding Custom Engraving!
Please make sure you download a copy of the “Engraving Template” from the section below that matches your switch. The template includes detailed instructions to submit your custom design! For more information about Custom Engraving Click Here!

The Ultra BACnet Series Control Station is one of our native BACnet MSTP low-voltage switch solutions. Designed to be a simple and cost-effective solution used in custom or pre-existing lighting control systems, integrators can benefit from the ability to work with BACnet and a variety of other communication protocols. It can be used with our optional Smart Control Gateway as a Modbus or Ascii string protocol solution for communications via RS232/RS485, or TCP/IP for easy integration into existing applications.  With its programmable full-color LEDs and screwless presence, the Ultra BACnet Series Control Station is a perfect addition to any automated control application.

Colors available: White, Ivory, Light Almond, and Black.

The Ultra BACnet Control Station is a stand-alone native BACnet device designed to be part of a custom integrated solution.  Please contact us for more information on having this inspiring product become the face of your lighting control project.

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 5 in
# Of Buttons

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12

Color Options

Almond, Black, Ivory, White

Gang Size

1-Gang, 2-Gang

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