Time-Keeper MAX


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Time-Keeper Master Controllers were designed to integrate Astronomic Time-of-Day control with other devices (motion sensors, photocells, control stations, touch screens, etc.) to meet all requirements for energy savings and convenient control.

The Time-Keeper MAX allows a direct connection to the Time-Keeper Web Interface. So not only does it include the control of relays and dimmers with innumerable scenes and timed events available, it also allows control with a browser based device.  Terminal Emulation and Remote Accessing allows for monitoring and control to occur virtually anywhere.

Panels are assembled in varying layouts, depending on switching and control requirements. DMX protocol is used.

Compatible systems:  Calypso Prime, Calypso NextGen, Calypso Legacy, Soluxe Optima, Soluxe Universal, ZoneZ Network, ZoneZ Dimming, Solare Preferred, Solare Select, Solare Elite

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