PL-RLY Replacement 3000-PL


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Have your lights stopped working?  No longer hearing the soft “thunk” of your lights toggling on and off?  These are signs that you might have a worn-out relay! Touch Plate’s PL-RLY Relay is a 4-Wire Low-Voltage Relay.  This relay can be directly mounted to din-rail (sold separately) with  7” wires extend from it.

The 16 Amp PL-RLY relay is a electrical latching relay utilizing “Contact Closure” low- voltage switch technology. The relay only switches directly ON/OFF, this feature is technically known as “Single Pole, Single Throw” (SPST).

PL-RLY Relay is a direct replacement for part number(s): 1550B-PL, 2500-BPL, 3000-PL & 4000-PL.


Previous generation relays had 6 wires, 4 low-voltage wires extruding from the top of the cylinder which connected to the switches and transverter and 2 wires extending from the bottom that connected to line-voltage.

Note: The line-voltage terminals are not polarized.  It does not matter which terminal you feed your line-voltage into.

Technical Details:

16 Amp Electrical Latching Relay


  • Rated Current/Max Peak Current: 16A/30A
  • Rated Volt/Max Switching Volt: 250VAC/400VAC
  • 1 A 30VAC Tungsten


  • Pulsed at 28VDC, .05 SEC
  • Power Supply: TVR-1 | TPS-0120. Class 2 Only
  • 60/75°C, Copper Conductors Only
  • Torque to Minimum 25 in./lb.


  • Red Wire A1
  • Brown Wire A2
  • Yellow Wires 1 & 2
  • High Voltage Wires 3 & 4

Included in box:

  • (1) PL Relay


Made In Fort Wayne, IN USA.

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Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in


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