Nexus Standalone Controller


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The Nexus standalone controller was designed to allow for overall system control yet on a simpler level than Time-Keeper. The Nexus model allows for various control options (including simple group/scene control and digital switching) but without an astronomic time clock.

The Nexus can act as a standalone controller or function as a serial controller in a Modbus based system. All local inputs and outputs attached to the Nexus master controller will have instant response to switch presses or motion detection.

Click here for our interactive tool which displays the details of each section of the Nexus controller.

Panels are assembled in varying layouts, depending on switching and control requirements. Modbus protocol is used.

Compatible systems: Calypso Prime, Calypso NextGen, Calypso Legacy, Soluxe Optima, Soluxe Universal, Solare Preferred, Solare Select, Solare Elite

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