Mystique 2-Wire Control Stations

The Mystique 2-Wire control stations are designed for retrofitting existing low voltage lighting systems where there are not enough conductors to use the 5-wire series. The 2-Wire series uses only two wires for both power and communication and allows for buttons and LEDs to be added to existing stations without the need for additional wires. The stations are addressable and programmable through a Touch-Plate Master Controller.

An elegant style, the Mystique-2W digital wall stations are the ideal complement to any Touch-Plate system. The Mystique-2W features a medium-sized button, allowing a maximum of 8 buttons per station, which greatly reduces the space required for such control. The Mystique series is for single gang applications only.

Colors available: White, Ivory, Light Almond, and Black
LED colors available: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, and White