Classic Series Replacement Covers


Replacement Cover for Part #(s): 50-4, 50-6, 50-8, 50-12, 50-18, 50-24, 5404, 5606, 5408, 5612, 5418, 5424, CC-4, CC-6, CC-8, CC-12, CC-18, CC-24, CCN-04, CCN-06, CCN-08, CCN-12, CN-18, CCN-24, CLA-4B-0L, CLA-6B-0L, CLA-8B-0L, CLA-12B-0L, CLA-18B-0L, CLA-24B-0L, CLA-4B-4L, CLA-6B-6L, CLA-8B-8L, CLA-12B-12L, CLA-18B-18L, CLA-24B-24L
No Screws Required! Plastic/Metal Cover Plate Only. Does not include Switch, Screws, & Silver Mounting Plate.

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Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Replacement Cover is compatible with all of the generations of our signature Contact Closure Wall Switch.

No Screws Required! Plastic/Metal Cover Plate Only. Does not include Component Block with Button Caps, Silver Mounting Plate, Screws.
If you are looking for those parts you will need to purchase a complete Classic Series Wall Switch.

Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Contact Closure Wall Switch is our signature product line for 75 years! A modern electrical design with screw-tight connection terminals allows seamless integration into existing systems or new installations. The timeless modern square buttons contained under a “screwless” cover, adding sophistication to any room. A variety of button configurations makes the Classic Series Wall Switch compatible with any low-voltage system. Know what lights were left on with LED Status Indicator Lights. Available in Red, Green, & Blue LEDs Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Contact Closure Wall Switch is ideal in any home or business!

Replacement Cover Plate for Part #(s):

1-Gang 50-4, 50-6, CC-4, CC-6, 5404, 5606, CCN-04, CCN-06, CLA-4B-0L, CLA-4B-4L, CLA-6B-0L, CLA-6B-6L
2-Gang 50-8, 50-12, CC-8, CC-12, 5408, 5612, CCN-08, CCN-12, CLA-8B-0L, CLA-8B-4L, CLA-12B-0L, and CLA-12B-12L
3-Gang 50-18, CC-18, 5418, CCN-18, CLA-18B-0L, CLA-18B-18L
4-Gang 50-24, CC-24, 5424, CCN-24, CLA-24B-0L, CLA-24B-24L

Needing an even larger size?  We can easily accommodate!  There is a small processing time to custom build orders, but we can gladly make a cover plate with as many gangs as you’d need. 

If you have such needs please contact our customer service team, at (260)426-1565 during business hours and we will gladly help! You may also send an email to our team with order inquiries at [email protected].

Available colors:

Almond, Ivory, & White

Product Material:

1 & 2-Gang Plastic “Screwless”
3 & 4-Gang Metal Visible Screws

The Classic Series Replacement Cover may replace any of Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Cover Plates with a similar gang configuration.


Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 3 in
Color Options

Almond, Black, Ivory, White

Gang Size

1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang, 4-Gang


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