Classic Series Replacement Covers

Replacement Cover for Part #(s): 50-4, 50-6, 50-8, 50-12, 50-18, 50-24, 5404, 5606, 5408, 5612, 5418, 5424, CC-4, CC-6, CC-8, CC-12, CC-18, CC-24, CCN-04, CCN-06, CCN-08, CCN-12, CN-18, CCN-24, CLA-4B-0L, CLA-6B-0L, CLA-8B-0L, CLA-12B-0L, CLA-18B-0L, CLA-24B-0L, CLA-4B-4L, CLA-6B-6L, CLA-8B-8L, CLA-12B-12L, CLA-18B-18L, CLA-24B-24L
No Screws Required!i> Plastic/Metal Cover Plate Only. Does not include Component Block with Button Caps, Silver Mounting Plate, Screws.


Personalize the Cover Plate of your Classic Series Switch by adding Custom Engraving! Please make sure you download a copy of the “Engraving Template” from the Documents Menus below for your Switch(es’) for instructions to submit your custom design.

**This Upgrade Will Add 2-3 Business Days To Build Your Order.

Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Replacement Cover is compatible with all generations of our signature Contact Closure Wall Switch.

No Screws Required! Plastic/Metal Cover Plate Only. Does not include Component Block with Button Caps, Silver Mounting Plate, Screws.
If you are looking for those parts you will need to purchase a complete Classic Series Wall Switch.

Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Contact Closure Wall Switch is our signature product line for 75 years! A modern electrical design with screw-tight connection terminals allows seamless integration into existing systems or new installations. The timeless modern square buttons contained under a “screwless” cover, adds sophistication to any room. A variety of button configurations makes the Classic Series Wall Switch compatible with any low-voltage system. Know what lights were left on with LED Status Indicator Lights. Available in Red, Green, & Blue LEDs Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Contact Closure Wall Switch is ideal in any home or business!

Replacement Cover Plate for Part #(s):

1-Gang 50-4, 50-6, CC-4, CC-6, 5404, 5606, CCN-04, CCN-06, CLA-4B-0L, CLA-4B-4L, CLA-6B-0L, CLA-6B-6L
2-Gang 50-8, 50-12, CC-8, CC-12, 5408, 5612, CCN-08, CCN-12, CLA-8B-0L, CLA-8B-4L, CLA-12B-0L, and CLA-12B-12L
  50-18, CC-18, 5418, CCN-18, CLA-18B-0L, CLA-18B-18L
4-Gang 50-24, CC-24, 5424, CCN-24, CLA-24B-0L, CLA-24B-24L

Needing an even larger size?  We can accommodate!  There is a processing time to custom build parts, but we can make a cover plate with as many gangs as you’d need.  If you have such needs please contact our customer service team, at (260)426-1565 during business hours and we will gladly help!

Available colors:

Almond, Ivory, & White

Product Material:

1 & 2-Gang Plastic “Screwless”
3 & 4-Gang Metal Visible Screws

The Classic Series Replacement Cover may replace any of Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Contact Closure Wall Switches with a similar configuration.  

Customize Your Cover Plate With Engraving!

Personalize Your Classic Series Replacement Cover Plate! Adding The Perfect Finishing Touch To Any Room!

Touch-Plate Lighting & Controls has made it easy to customize your covers and switches.  Your engraving can now provide labeled words or even icons!  Find the complete details on our engraving page. The engraving templates for each product contain the instructions to submit your design.

When you select the engraving upgrade, don’t forget to download the engraving template that matches your purchase! Then, follow the simple instructions and send the completed form back to  If you get stuck, give our customer support staff a call at (260)426-1565 and we’ll gladly get you on track!

Engraving Templates are located below in the Product Documents for all of Touch-Plate’s Classic Series Contact Closure Wall Switch product line.

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.875 × 1.5 × 5.3125 in
Color Options

Almond, Ivory, White

Gang Size

1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang, 4-Gang


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