Calypso NextGen Relay Panels


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The Calypso NextGen relay panels are designed to upgrade existing Touch-Plate CPS relay panel installations from 1980-2005. With an identical footprint, it allows a smooth and easy transition from mechanical relays to electronically latching relays.

The Calypso NextGen is also a great choice for new installations. Its mix of simple Cycle (On/Off) control with Grouping and Maintain options makes it a great fit for various lighting requirements. Advanced control can be gained with the inclusion of any Time-Keeper Master Controller

Standard configurations are available in groups of 8 relays with a 16 relay maximum per enclosure. Combo Kits are offered for upgrade applications. Panels are UL listed.

Primary Voltages: 120VAC and 277VAC
Relay Amperage: 25Amp  


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Transformer Options

120V, 277V

# of Relays

8, 16

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