The Perfect Touch To Any Room!

modernize your home with a personalized switches.

Old labels falling off? Turning lights on the wrong room?  Then you will not believe what we discovered when we remodeled our showroom…

You guessed right! We added laser engraving to every single button &  every single switch. Once all the connections were identified, our customers FINALLY started helping themselves around the showroom.
A more welcoming switch was the missing invitation they were waiting for.

Make your guests feel more at home with this easy home navigation upgrade. Throw away the label makers and decals, laser engraving never wears off!

A 100% customizable laser engraving is a classy finishing touch to any room.

your home, your way

Touch-Plate’s customizable Engraving Templates are Quick & Easy to use. The detailed instructions are provided inside the .PDF Download.  You may either complete the template electronically or print and submit it, whichever method works for you!

By following these 5 Simple Steps, you can add one of the most practical upgrades to your Home or Business.

    1. Pick Your Switch.  Don’t forget to check your engraving option!
    2. Select Quantity & Configuration.
    3. Add to Cart.
    4. Download the Engraving Template for Your Purchase.
    5. Complete & Submit. Email your finished design back to [email protected].

engravable product catalog

Match A Switch To Your System

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The Genesis has been a customer favorite style and a top-selling product since its creation in 1946. Its large rectangular button & practical design makes it ideal for nearly any low voltage 2-wire application.

Custom Button Engraving Only $25.00

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The 5000 Series is a practical & elegant low-voltage wall switch solution. This customer-favorite highlights medium-sized rectangular buttons with a “screwless” cover presenting an attractive design for a variety of applications.

Custom Button Engraving Only $25.00

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The Classic Series has been our signature product line since 1946.  The timeless design features square buttons with a  modern “screwless” cover. This option will add a touch of sophistication to any room! 

Custom Button Engraving Only $25.00 Per Gang

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The newest addition to our contact closure switches, the Innova Series is both versatile and unique! The clear, medium-sized button illuminates when it’s engaged and  the housing fits into any Decora-sized opening, making it ideal for any room!

Custom Button Engraving Only $25.00 Per Gang

Ultra Series | Contact Closure Wall Switch

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The Ultra Series wall switch incorporates designer style with an excellent button feel and response. It is an exceptional solution for a wide variety of applications. Its sleek appearance can blend into any décor.

Also available in 2-wire, 5-Wire, DMX, or BACnet Control Stations!

Housing Engraving | $25.00 each station
Cover Engraving | $35.00 each station
Both Housing & Cover Engraved | $50.00 each station

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The Eclipse Series introduces a modern style switch with small horizontally stacked buttons. The Eclipse shares the same requested feel and response style of our Ultra Series offered as a  more economical solution to this popular style.

Custom Housing Engraving Only $25.00 Per Gang

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

Touch-plate’s most elegant contact closure switch, the Mystique Series is the perfect fit for any low voltage lighting system.  The Mystique Series features a medium-sized button, with enough room for 8 buttons per station.

Also available in 2-wire, 5-Wire, DMX, or BACnet Control Stations!

Buttons Engraving | $25.00 each station
Cover Engraving | $35.00 each station
Both Buttons & Cover Engraved | $50.00 each station

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The Industrial Series Wall Switch is a heavy-duty, industrial-grade maintain or momentary contact switch designed for commercial and industrial environments. The large buttons allow for easy pressing with excellent touch response.

Contact Our Support Team To Order.

Custom Button Engraving Only $25.00

Custom Engraving: 2-3 Business Days Processing Time

The Consensio BACnet Control Station is one of our native BACnet MSTP low voltage switch solutions. The programmable full-color LEDs, integrated light sensor, IR receiver, and screwless presence; make the Consensio a perfect addition to any automated control application.

Housing Engraving | $25.00 each station

easily manage your system's master control

Never second guess again! This large bank of switches is the most practical location to personalize with engraving. Make managing your home’s lighting more enjoyable by removing confusion.

This is a great addition when remodeling your master bedroom or preparing a home for sale!


Digital (Step-by-Step)
  1. Complete the digital engraving template form that matches the switch(es) you ordered and want to engrave with a design of your choice.
  2. Choose “Save As” if your PDF reader.
  3. Create a unique file name. Make sure to include your NAME and ORDER # in the file name.
  4. It is also good practice to add a unique identifying word to each completed template. File Name Example: John Smith #123456 – Engraving Template(s) – Kitchen.
    (You can copy, paste, and edit this example into your file name.)
  5. Open your Email client.
  6. Compose a “New Email” and address it to [email protected].
  7. Use a unique “Subject” line to help us pair your design with your order.
  8. Subject Line Example: [YOURNAME] [ORDER#] – Engraving Template(s) – [optional]
    (You can copy, paste, and edit this example with your email subject line.)
  9. “Attach” your completed template(s) to the email.
  10. Add any additional information needed to the email body, if you need to be contacted please include instructions on how to reach you.
  11. Click “Send”
Important Information About Email Submissions
Email clients have limits on the size of a single email and the size of attached files. If you are submitting multiple templates, you may need to send them over a couple of emails.

This is extremely common when sending emails with large photos taken on smartphones or full-page documents scanned into large picture files.

If you are running into any frustrations, please give our customer support team a call at (260)426-1565.

We are more than willing to work with you to resolve any trouble you run into.

Print & Submit
With this method, there are different points where you may digitize and submit. You are more than welcome to you a blend of methods. Our top priority is to receive your completed design and successfully pairing it with your order.
  1. Print a hard copy(s) of each Engraving Template that matches items purchased in your order.
  2. Complete the design of your choice using text or icon codes. (provided on page 2 of the engraving template).
  3. Please use dark ink and write clearly.
  4. [Option 1]: Scan or Photograph the completed Engraving Template and submit it via Email.
    If so, proceed to step 3 of digital submission.
  5. [Option 2]: Fax your completed templates to our support team. Please make sure to include a cover page that includes your Order #, contact information, and any additional information that will assist us with your order.
    Fax #: (260) 426.1442
  6. [Option 3]: Mail by Postal Service. You may use the traditional postal service to submit your designs. This will add a considerable amount of time to your order. We will have to wait a few days for your template to arrive before we can begin processing your order.

  7. Mailing Address:

    Touch-Plate Lighting & Controls
    4822 Projects Dr.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825

To complete and submit multiple templates there are multiple ways!

You can reuse the digital template by using “Save As” and using a unique file name. Or you can print out multiple copies and complete them with an ink pen.

See the Step-By-Step instructions above for detailed information.

Adding engraving to your system’s master control is the most requested upgrade and the most practical place to start customizing.

Personalizing your master control is much easier than it may seem. When adding to the cart, make sure you’ve selected the engraving checkbox that matches your switch.

Engraving Pricing for Master Controls Are As Follows ($25.00 per Gang):

1-Gang = $25.00
2-Gang = $50.00
3-Gang = $75.00

When creating your custom designs, personalize each gang or “block” of buttons that will have their own template.  Complete the template that matches each block and then submit all completed files.

Following the step-by-step engraving instructions provided in the Engraving FAQ.  Please make sure to indicate the order in the templates should be arranged on your master control.

If you have any questions or need help personalizing your switches our customer support team is waiting to assist you.
You can contact our team at [email protected] or you can call (260)426-1565 during regular business hours.

It is much easier than it seems! 

  1. Select the first Switch Configuration you want to purchase.
  2. Set Quantity.
  3. Add to Cart.
  4. Select the second Switch Configuration you want to order.
  5. Set Quantity.
  6. Add to Cart.

Now when you view to check your cart, you will see separate two items. Don’t forget to grab a copy of the engraving template that matches your switch!